Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meetings

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April 2019, "Where Is God When I Hurt?" by Wilson Adams

September 2018, "It All Begins At Home" by Don Truex

April 2018, "Finding A Saving Faith in an Unbelieving World" by Jack Hafer

April, 2017 "We Wish To See Jesus" by Chris Pruitt

October, 2016 "Disciples Spread the Word" by Max Dawson

March, 2016 "Discipleship" by Russ Bowman

October, 2015 "Jesus Calls Us" by Bubba Garner

March, 2015 "Biblical Authority & The People of God" by Doy Moyer

October, 2014 - "Building Up The Body" by Bruce Evans, Brent Willey & Mike Wilson

April, 2014 - "Seeing With The Eye Of God Through Scripture" by Rick Byrd

October, 2013 - "Contentment" by John Kilgore

March, 2013 - "Iron Sharpens Iron" by Josh Higgins

October, 2012 - "The Science Of Creation" by Don Patton

April, 2012 - "Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2012" by Don Truex